Understanding Two Advanced Concrete Remediation and Soil Stabilization Techniques

Concrete contractors have an incredibly diverse array of techniques up their sleeve for dealing with difficult work sites. Property owners who don’t have industry experience may find all of these procedures quite confusing, though. This article explains two of the least-understood concrete contracting techniques in terms that even those who have no experience working in the industry should be able to understand.

What is Shotcreting?

The primary applications for shotcreting are slope stabilization and tunneling. The process involves the conveyance of concrete through a hose using pneumatic projection at high velocity to deliver it to a surface that would otherwise be unreachable by hand. Contractors offering shotcreting services frequently work within the civil construction and mining industries.

What are the Benefits of Shotcreting?

Shotcreting is a fast and reliable concrete construction technique designed to be easily applied at scale for use on projects of all sizes. Shotcrete can be sprayed in places that ordinary concrete can’t, thanks primarily to the force with which it leaves the hose. This allows it to be sprayed on vertical and overhead areas and just about any shaped surface, causing minimal mess and disruption to the construction process even when used in high volumes.

Applications for Shotcreting

In addition to being extremely useful in civil construction projects, shotcreting is used in roads, railways, and even residential projects. Since it can be fully applied quickly and easily it is perfect for a wide array of applications within the construction industry.

Remedial Measures

One popular remedial measure for treating unstable soil slopes is known within the industry as soil nailing. This technique is safe for use on both new and existing slopes and is so named because of its use of slender reinforcing bars that are inserted into the soil using pre-drilled holes. Some contractors also use kinetic methods for inserting these bars into soil slopes without the need for prior drilling.

Other Uses for Soil Nail Components

Soil nail components, most notably the reinforcing bars used to stabilize the soil, can be used in a variety of other construction applications as well. They are most commonly used to stabilize retaining walls and fill slopes such as levees and embankments, procedures that are both typically undertaken as remedial measures as well.


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